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After that Darius has a nightmare that Ben is still alive and he blames him and wakes up sweating for Yaz. Kenji reveals that he was manipulating Darius, after he confronts him after being caught in a lie about his father. Kenji jokes with Brooklynn about being abducted by aliens, and then acts awkward around her. However, the adults are distracted by screeching in the distance, and Mitch nearly trips over a scooter, allowing the children to back off for a bit. After Mitch and Tiff run away from her with the weapons, Darius and Sammy see that Rexy is about to head back to the nest, but turns around when she smells them. Brooklynn and Darius are trapped in a sinkhole, the group discovers them and try to get them out, but they run into the Sinoceratops again. Before Brooklynn, Yaz, and Darius can get on the helicopter, however, Rexy attacks and forces it to leave early, with Kenji, Ben and Sammy on board. Brooklyn deciding she'll be a mediator between Darius and Kenji, beginning to bridge the gap between the two friends. They don't get far as Sammy is knocked down by a case and the others are quickly grabbed. Just as the group reunites after Ben manages to switch lanes, a Pteranodon tries to attack Ben, but Darius manages to grab it. In other news, Jinny's Kitchen episode 2 sees Kim Taehyung speaking fluent Spanish, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous | Official Trailer | Netflix, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CRTIrK3Kku8/hqdefault.jpg. When Brooklynn confronts the group, telling them who stole her phone and accusing Sammy, Darius interrupts trying to cheer them up, but the group is distracted by the sound of a dinosaur roaring and they all head to the balcony. As punishment, Darius and Kenji are tasked with cleaning up the dinosaur poop while the others take a tour of the labs. After Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive, everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. Darius and Yaz head to the T. rex area and set off the time box, but the group is the chased away by the mother dinosaur Big Eatie. By the end of the season however, his friendship with Kenji is strained, due to the latter being angry at him for putting Brooklynn's life at risk. The six go into a cave in order to possibly find shelter for the night. Kenji is deeply ashamed over his actions and tries to make it up with Darius, but he continues to avoid Kenji. They discover the bridge room and determine that Tiff was murdered. In order to communicate with Darius, the group has Brooklynn reprogram one of the new BRAD-X's. The Brachiosaurus that was saved by Ben runs off and is caught by some BRAD-X's and taken to Kash and Darius, where Kash injects the control chip in to control the dinosaur, much to Ben's and Darius's horror. They go to the Discovery Walk attraction together, even as Darius has a sudden flash of inspiration upon seeing a display that mentions camouflage, he realizes that the beacon might be disguised within a part of the Main Street attractions. Though devastated by both the loss of his father and the fact that they could never fulfill his dream, Darius stayed true to his promise to move on. Darius, Sammy and Yaz with Mitch and Tiff go back to camp only to see Brooklynn and Kenji gone. Because dinosaurs aren't enough these days - no matter how big. The children get out of the vehicle and Darius and the others witness the compys approaching to eat the kidnapper and decide to distract them from Blue. In order to help Sammy, Yasmina runs to find the antidote, while Darius and Ben create a distraction to divert the Scorpios, which leaves Brooklynn and Kenji to tend to Sammy. Born He leads him to the entrance of a tunnel that he claims is part of a network that connects the entire island. Looks like we're having trouble connecting to our server. Darius kicks the rifle away, as he and Brooklynn reconnect. Ben heads back and tells the others about Kash injecting the control chip into the Brachiosaurus he rescued. They discover that the shiny thing is really just a metal rectangle, much to their disappointment. After that the campers witness Simon Masrani's helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaches the aviary. This surprises Darius, but he quickly complies and orders Kenji to come pick him and Sammy up, while he instructs Ben and Yaz to move the dinos away from the watering hole so Mitch and Tiff can't kill them; Lastly, he directs Brooklyn to be his eyes and ears, monitoring everything from the control room. Realizing that the hybrids method of reproduction and their extreme aggression would have catastrophic results for Isla Nublar and her dinosaurs, Darius and Ben decide to find a way to stop them and tells Ben that they will go back to where it all began, as he will. Once they enter the compound, Kenji and Brooklynn argue, causing Brooklynn's phone to fall into the pen. After being reunited with Ben, he is overjoyed that he is still alive. They realize that they can make it to the ferry if they leave immediately, and the group reluctantly agrees as they believe Ben is dead. Vehicle Type: Ship. Kenji is reluctant to enter the park, he considers the "park to be haunted" but Darius doesn't believe him, then tells Yaz to make him understand, but she even says that John Hammond had died there because of the Compys and Kenji is to scare, but Darius reassures him by saying that the original owner died of natural causes, then they are forced to search the place after seeing a compy enter. Kenji welcomes them to the Penthouse, as the group begins to get distracted by the luxuries the Penthouse has to offer. Before bedtime, campers see the herbivorous dinosaurs as they are led to their enclosures, and everyone gets a chance to zip-line and settle into their camp bunks that night. The kids run to the safety of the Kayak River, even as Bumpy isn't running, Darius and Ben pick her up and struggle to get to the Kayak River. To cover himself, Darius states he wants to go for a walk, and Kash says that the BRAD-X will be with him. Set in the cinematic universe of Universals Since being stranded on Isla Nublar during the events of Jurassic World, the Camp Cretaceous team -- Darius, Kenju, Ben, Brooklyn, Yaz and Sammy -- have been cementing their friendship, leading to the dramatic events of Season 3. Some time later, Darius arrives on Isla Nublar and meets the five other campers, Brooklynn, Kenji Kon, Sammy Gutierrez, Ben Pincus, and Yasmina Fadoula and are greeted by Dave and Roxie, the counselors of Camp Cretaceous. After the group recovers from the accident, everyone is upset with Sammy after she lied about taking Brooklynn's phone and confesses to being a spy for Mantah Corp, a corporation that also wants to create dinosaurs that sent her to spy and Yaz. They then go inside. But the others disagree and as they protest, Darius distracts them and disappears alone into the jungle to find Ben. Jurassic World- Camp Cretaceous - Darius' Profile. The campers ponder the hybrid's possible weaknesses and conclude that the animal has an eye for fire, despite the others' strong doubts that it will work. They begin to roar, chasing the children. Fortunately, Brooklynn successfully reprograms a robot to communicate with Darius, and Darius does not have to inject. The campers then run to the safety of the Kayak River by the pteranadons. Portrayed by As the campers gather supplies, Yaz is sent to the yacht to prepare it, but she rushes back to report that the storm is too dangerous to go out. They run into Darius first and warn him. Other than her phone addiction, she is a generally friendly and slightly rebellious person but has a bad habit of unnecessarily snooping around and getting her nose into other peoples businesses. Everyone is slowly waking up early to start finishing the floor of the tree house as they slept on the ground below huddled up. Based on the fact that season 4 ended on a cliffhanger suggests that more is in store. The predator chases the children through the tunnels, until they manage to evade it using a grate. The group makes their way into the tunnels, but they quickly get lost. After Big Eatie and Pierce are lured to a place by the BRADs and Mantah Corp drones are are forced to fight, Brooklynn and the others agree to stop Kash and get his phone. They manage to evade him and eventually find and seek refuge in the Genetics Laboratory, finding Eddie, a scientist who had been driven so mad with fear that he had tried to escape the island and the children by driving away in his truck. The three make it before Dr. Wu. Finally, the campers all get on a boat to leave the island. Tiff says that they should head back to camp because of Hap's response to the phone call, as they determined that he would take care of Brooklynn and Kenji. Just then, Roxie radios the kids and warns them to stay at camp due to the emergency. Fortunately, Brooklynn realizes her mistake and apologizes, which leads to Sammy agreeing to work with her again. does darius like brooklyn in camp cretaceous. They eventually reach the boat. Mitch and Tiff corner Darius and Sammy in a gift shop while threatening them, demanding they reveal the location of the watering hole. However, after Sammy criticizes her for her actions, Brooklynn realizes her mistake and starts listening to her. While Sammy and Yaz distract them, Darius sneaks into Hap's shop, even as he finds weapons such as knives, machetes, and booby traps inside. The plan, however, is complicaed by a pack of Pteranodons attacking. Darius convinced the others that another raft is the only way to get off the island and the group finally decides to do so. Ben tries to help a wounded Mae, while the others try to get Kash's phone and call for help. Due to traveling around the world and being tutored online, Brooklynn has never experienced a regular teenage lifestyle before and as such, is socially awkward when placed in a regular conversation regarding other teenagers. Unfortunately, all are disappointed to learn that the shiny thing is really a big rectangle. After Mae gets an alert, Darius and Sammy likely tell Mae about where the others are. Just as Darius is about to leave with Ben, the Scorpios rex attack the Ankylosaurus herd, but the dinosaurs move in formation to protect Bumpy. Darius: We're watching our world collapse right before our eyes . Yaz tries to pressure them to leaving which upsets them and they try to stop her, which leads to their snowmobile going into the ice cold water. As the episode ends, the Scorpios rex comes out of the jungle as it proceeds to attack the children, while appearing a second behind them from a tree. Darius would stop to witness the T-Rex dragging its prey before the rest of the campers tried to determine where they should rest. As the campers investigate, they determine that there is a large hole in the side of the yacht. Darius agreed, resting for the night, and waking up in the early morning as he had a sudden inspiration, reaching into his library for background information on how to beat the game. Biography. Kash then notices the other tests fails, which makes Kash wonders if the chips will work on more impressionable assets, much to Darius's horror. Brooklynn decided to test Hap's story that he was trying to help them, and that a boat was at the harbor, but insists he remain tied up. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 4 release is just around the corner! Darius tries to inject the chip while the Spino is sleeping, but it wakes up and chases him with the BRAD-X also chasing him. The group is then attacked by the Scorpios rex. So bye JPW, stay mad, and stay rad @Therapod king @Narutomaki81890812 (You said cool like six months ago), . Afterwards, Darius tells them that he's been waiting all his life to visit Jurassic World and wants to take advantage of it so he wants to go to the Compy compound to see and the two decide to sneak out with him and sneak into what they assume is the Compy compound. After everyone reaches the stands, they take some time to rest as the sun goes down, but suddenly sirens are heard. She accepts Sammy and Yaz's relationship and is happy to see them together, even screaming in joy and giving them a couple name. After running a short distance, Darius climbs a tree and cannot find the fire. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel by a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus lagoon. They eventually find a genetics lab, and a manilla folder labelled, "E750". Hawkes leads Brooklynn to the other mercenaries, while keeping her under surveillance and chasing after the other campers. After learning from Mae that it is not possible to make phone calls on the island, the group stays at Mae's place. She drops the phone and curls in on herself. The Indominus rex suddenly approaches, ambushes the employees and eats them. pic.twitter.com/QEbFsmnZiO. Arriving at the dock, Kenji brings up the idea of having a yacht party for the group, even as the rest of them agree. As the adults try to attack them with electric shocks, the children quickly throw a shelf on them and scatter, taking their weapons with them. When the helicopter lands, an armed mercenary disembarks, while the children climb into the helicopter but suddenly there is the sound of a large animal approaching.